Sunday, June 25, 2006


A very large natural beach stone garden stake. Natural beach stone. Artist-made beach glass inspired glass. Beach stone clapper with copper chimes.

Not to brag, but must say that I like everything I make. (I guess that is bragging!) Late yesterday afternoon, there was an opening party for a little gallery in town here, where I have lots of things, and people were wandering around oohing and awing (and yes, buying!) my work. Than Last night we had friends over for dinner, and they were wandering around oohing and awing about this piece and that. Nice for my ego.

This morning I was scanning through my eBay listings, and wondering which, out of all 85 creations, is my own favorite right now. Tough decision! I do like them all. But the one pictured above is perhaps, for now, my choice.

It's been out in the garden by the big Japanese maple ever since I put it there to photograph it, and it seems to have found a home there. I'm in no rush to sell it. On the other hand, when it sells, I will enjoy making another of this style. The big copper fork on the base of the large natural beach stone should be buried all the way into the soil, but I left it a little exposed so people could see how it works. It's super stable, and super cool~ and, for now, my favorite.


  1. Your work is special, best wishes, Winsome

  2. Hi Winsome,
    Thanks so much~ what a nice way to start my morning! Encouragment is always deeply appreciated! Tim~

  3. ... hmm, thats not bragging.. that is being CONFIDENT.. I always do.. that.. lolz. wat a lovely blog here... visit my blog and tell me wat do u think about it InvernoKL keep up all the good works.. rocKZ!! :p take care, xian