Saturday, July 01, 2006

Logging and Chopping

Busy? Oh yeah.

Not just the usual glass making, creating, picture taking, listing on eBay, packing and shipping (already a job and a half!), but now a logging operation.

I needed to cut next season's firewood~ actually a chore that should have been done late last winter, but...

And then I saw that there were about fifteen cedars blocking most of my firewood trees. You don't want to burn cedar~ much too nice, and not great firewood anyway. So I am selling those to Westcoast Log Homes. You really should treat yourself to checking out there website~ Unbelievable homes. My cedars will be turned into part of some of these outstanding, artistic homes. I believe that they will be happier there, than in my fireplace.

By the way, did you know wood is actually one of the most ecological ways to heat? At least if you have a high-energy efficient stove?

But as you can see from the picture, back breaking work is involved. It's not a lot of fun wading through that war zone with a heavy chain saw. And it's not a lot of fun lugging the rounds out. And it's not much fun chopping the stuff up either. Fortunately, I have a very strong 16 year old son who works like a mad man-- if I had to do it all myself, I think I would collapse. Especially having to do it all under the blazing sun we have recently been enjoying. Well, gallons of water, both down the throat and over the head, and little by little it all gets done.

On Tuesday the heavy machinery comes in, and everything is going to look a lot tidier... I hope. Not exactly Better Homes and Gardens stuff right now.


  1. Maybe it's just as well your favorite table saw is in the shop, or you wouldn't have been able to make yourself get busy doing such a back breaking task.

    I voted for you on BLOG VILLAGE today.

  2. Yes, you are right, dirty butter-- but still, I Sooooo miss my saw! It will be coming home late next week (I hope!) Thank you. Tim~

  3. it seems like there's many stuffs to be done.. kinda reminds me of cleaning up my lawn.. lolz.. ^^
    cendar wood?... thought it was for aromatheraphy thingy.. lolz...

    take care mate..

  4. If your lawn looks like this, xianfu, you have your hands full. Actually, it's worse than the picture makes it look. But that big machine coming on Tuesday will clean up a lot, fast.

    It is aromatic wood~ also rot resistant. It's full of nice smelling oils. The links to the log building company are really worth having a look at~ they do some very different work from the standard log home. Nice to know my logs are, so to speak, going to a good home! Tim

  5. Beautiful work! Unique and different.

  6. Hi Euroyank~ Thanks so much! I'm working full speed ahead today on chimes and glasswork, and it is Really hot~ your nice comment helps to get me back out working. Appreciate it! Tim

  7. Creative work and i like your blog.

  8. I love this picture as all you post.

    Cedar is wonderful, I'm sure my BIL would love to create a wood sculpture from some of these beauties.

    Hard work I'm sure but when the warmth comes in the winter it is all worth it.

    How big is your land out there?

  9. Hi Rebecca~ it's just a couple of acres, but most of the land around it is undeveloped, so it seems bigger. Right now, it's one big mess! Thanks for checking in. Tim~