Tuesday, June 13, 2006

For the Birds

Remember my $100 workshop? Look what has taken up residence~

For a couple of days I was mainly using one of my other workshops, and this robin grabbed the opportunity to construct her nest. My workshop became her nest house, and I felt like an intruder anytime I had to go in and make something. So I kept my visits to the minimum and as short as possible. Somehow, it worked out okay, and the eggs just hatched. She is so busy feeding these guys she hardly notices me now, but I still work elsewhere, as much as I can.

So how long does it take for these babies to grow feathers and fly away? It's fun having them, but I still have to make a living.

If you like birds (who doesn't?), you may be interested in my super deluxe red cedar bird feeder with copper chimes~ the birds sure like them! To learn more, or to buy it, Click Here.


  1. Oh that's one beautiful bird feeder :) Wish I could afford it.
    I've got pheasants, but I guess they wouldn't care if I put up a bird feeder anywhere. They tend to come around when they see me...lol

  2. Hi Crhista~
    Nice to see you are still keeping an eye on my postings! It is a beautiful feeder, and a great design. This one takes a considerable amount of cutting and time, but I will likely be making a simplified version in the future, and possibly be able to bring the price down on that one. Thanks so much! Tim~

  3. Hi Tim

    The same thing happened to me with robins this year. Mine are now gone, it took a couple of weeks before the babies were able to fly out. They are still hanging around my yard now and then. :)
    The Mom and Dad are still in the neighborhood.

    Beautiful bird feeder too!

    have a great day!

  4. Hi shilo,
    Thanks for the information~ That's good news! Tim~

  5. That is some beautiful work! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks Jeffrey~ I am assuming you mean the feeder, and not the nest? :) tim

  7. What sweet little birdies!! Bless you for going out of your way to accommodate them!! xo

  8. Hi Omni,
    Yes~ aren't they something? The nest is great too~ the mother put that together in about two days. Thanks, Omni. Tim