Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Thank You Postal Workers!

Treated harshly, even the best packing could not protect glass. Over three years with nothing broken~ kudos to the post office! For more information on this beach glass inspired artist made glass sunshine catcher, or to buy it, CLICK here.

The other day I wrote about the 'joy' of packing big beach stone wind chimes with fragile glass. But packing doesn't get the order to the customer~ it only helps to get it there in good condition. The post office does the rest.

It's always a pleasure to drive the nicely boxed orders to the post office. My work is almost done~ payday! Looking around various seller forums, I have been struck by the negative, often angry, comments about the postal service. Postal clerks get dumped on, but more often people yap about high postage. I don't feel that way at all. When I put a large box on the scale, and the clerk stretches his arms wide to measure this beast, often when the postage comes up I can't help saying, 'Hey, that's not bad at all!'

It strikes me as remarkable that I can ship a BIG, heavy carton from the Sunshine Coast to Florida for maybe $23.00, insurance included. It would cost me twice that just to take it to Vancouver, 40 minutes away on the ferry.

And Fast! Most often things arrive within ten days, sometimes less, sometimes much less. That's surface mail, and, I think that's pretty darn good.

Despite jokes about postal workers going out of their way to drop, kick and run over any box with a fragile sticker, nothing I have shipped has broken in the past three years. That's hundreds and hundreds of fragile shipments-- many really fragile, and some really fragile with big beach stones mixed in the box. Not bad.

So kudos to the postal system.

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  1. I know, it's the miracle of large scale economics.

    Imagine how expensive a pencil would be if you had to make it yourself from scratch.