Saturday, April 22, 2006


Whether wandering the endless stretches of beach or exploring the tangled rain forest, the Pacific West Coast is truly beautiful and a source of great inspiration for me. Others are also inspired~ Here someone built a stone sculpture in the river. Natural art. To see my own stone work (wind chimes, lamps, vases) Click Here.

Everyday, I walk in the woods. There are miles of trails right down the road, so I don't need to take the car. Usually, it's just me and my dog, Yukon.

The bears are awake again, coming down the mountain groggy from their long sleep, snorting around for fresh greens. We ran into the first one on the weekend~ A big one. I was not happy because the dog chased it like it was dinner on four legs. That's no good. First, the bear might get ticked off and turn on my pup (a neighbor's dog was killed last year), or the bear might get ticked off, chase the dog back, and take its anger out on me. That happens, apparently. It's exciting hiking at this time of year, but a little scary too.


  1. Wind chimes!, Sstones! and Bears?
    Oh MY!!!

    I couldn't imagine living where bears are a reall neighbor and possible threat especcially with my little ones running around outside.

    Gorgeous scenery though!

    ps your work is lovely as ever and don't let one snide person spoil your fun making joyous art!


  2. Thanks for the nice comment, Rebecca~ praise from such a gifted artist is sweet indeed.

    The bears are add spice to the hikes these days. Even though you know they almost always run away, it is terribly exciting to run into one~ especially when it is Mama bear with one, two or three cubs.