Tuesday, April 25, 2006


At 50 inches high~ this is reaching the limits of what can be shipped through the mail. That large beach stone base is not going to make the postperson's day, either. For more information on this freestanding wind chime, or to buy it, Click Here.

I have the urge to make larger and larger works. Down at the beach, I see a beautiful beach boulder I can't even pick up, and I want to take it home and make something amazing. I want to use heavy metal rods. I want to build kinetic sculptures with boulders and steel and slabs of copper. I want hydraulic presses, acetylene torches, electric winches, jack hammers and that's just a start.

Sadly, I have to make things I can pack and ship through the mail. If I can't pick up that stone, there is no way the post office is going to take it, no matter how many stamps. I am making larger works, to be sure. But each one has to be designed to ship.

Already, with these medium-size creations, packing is a job. Cutting plywood to sandwich copper supports. Fitting large stones into big boxes with fragile glass~ now that's fun! It wasn't overnight that I got to this point, thank goodness. If when I started I had been faced with packing some of these works, I believe I would have given up. It's good to keep challenging oneself~ it keeps it interesting.


  1. I like your art! I prefer miniture art instead of big pieces. I find that it's easier to make something small look good instead of something big. I don't know, maybe that's just me. Also, are you able to outsource the packing? would that be worth it?

  2. Thanks, Jay~ Glad you like my art.

    Miniture / small is nice too~ you are right. I have done a lot that could fit in a pocket. But, for some reason, I really feel like doing some massive things right now~ use some big tools.

    And thanks for the suggestion about shipping~ it may come to that, if I make anything much bigger. Tim.

  3. I laughed when I read about your wanting to take home a boulder. I'm not even an artist--except perhaps with words:)--and often I see boulders, stumps and logs that I wish were in my yard.

    My husband shakes his head in wonder.

    Love your site.



  4. Hi Shirley~ you may not consider yourself an artist, but if you want to take all those fine things home, you are seeing something a lot of people don't. You have the eye of an artist, at the very least. Thank you for your nice comment. Tim.

  5. Your art is just beautiful! I live near the beach and have taken home many stones and much beach glass -- not on the large scale such as yours. I haven't come up with what I want to do with it all, but I'm thinking. No "aha" moment yet.

  6. Hi well noted,
    thanks so much for the nice comment. Even if the 'aha' moment doesn't come, it's nice to have some of that around. My son has a huge collection.