Monday, April 10, 2006

A Slap in the Face

2 1/2 stars out of 5? Hmmm... Thanks a lot, Anonymous. You made my day.

Natural Pacific barnacle beach stone bolted to a tung nut oiled red cedar base with copper support and beach glass inspired artist-made glass sunshine catcher. For more information, or to buy this piece, Click here.

Some art-types are sensitive folks: like me, for example.

I can get a hundred enthusiastic compliments on my work, and then one slightly less than 100% positive review wrecks my year day. Why can't I just concentrate on all the enthusiasm and ignore the critical? I just can't.

Trying out some new art selling sites and found one that is pretty darn good~ at least as far as boosting the ol' ego. is just the place for the artist seeking sweet pats on the back. It's so good for that, one starts to think posting a picture of a half rotten work glove (yep, I have one of those) would glean five star reviews. Now that's support! I love it!

However, another site has provided the slap across the face. Don't get me wrong, is a swell place. They (the owners?) first have a look at the work you propose to put on their site, and if it is not good enough, I guess you might get a rejection email. Well, I was happy to receive a "we maintain stringent criteria that every provider must meet. You have met and exceeded these criteria and we couldn't be happier for you." Okay!

The problem is that they have an anonymous star rating system. Anyone (I think) can view the work and click on a strip rating the piece from zero to five stars. Fine. But anonymous? So is your critic a talented art reviewer? A jealous competitor? A moron? I have to believe that the jerk lovely individual who took the time (one second?) to rate my latest posting falls into the latter categories-- . Why bother rating if you feel that way? Perhaps just a miserable nasty troll person looking to stamp on sensitive toes, or ? They should have a 'rate the reviewer' system: I rate this guy zero stars.

The way I am, all the thousands of positive feedback comments from happy eBay customers, and the dozens of enthusiastic comments recently received on, get pushed to the side, and I brood on this two star rating from Mr. Anonymous. That's just how I am~ unfortunately.


  1. It's difficult to grow as an artist from a rating system. I've been on Renderosity with my photography and fine art for 6 years now and I've slowly moved away from their ranking system since it's not really helpful at all. Especially when it's done without any comments.

    As for positive/negative comments it's a work of art in itself to actually be helpful when you make them. Especially the ones that are not 100% positive. And we all have our own ways of doing things.
    I've come to see it the same way as my dad did - an art critique is nothing more than a rejected art student who just never made it all the way. They know a lot in theory, but they have no clue how to get there ;)
    And everyone will fit into that image unless they actually practise art themselves.

    I think what you do is stunning because I would love to do it myself, but I lack the material, the time and the kind of creativity it takes. Instead I'm stuck at my drawing pad thinking about buying some of your work when I can afford it :)
    Don't let that tiny amount of negative critisism get to you too much. Either ignore it or use it to your advantage :) You know it's not true anyway.
    Now I'll take a look at :D

  2. Oh and btw - art is personal. That's why it hurts. Whenever we create something, doesn't matter what media you're using, we give away a bit of ourselves.

  3. Hi Christa,
    Thank you so much for your kind thoughts on all this~ much appreciated. I feel better already! Not to mention that for some mysterious reason that harsh rating on my work went 'poof'~ just gone. Perhaps the person was found to be messing around, and all their ratings were dumped? Who knows, but I am pleased.

    Your Dad was wise. I like that. But there is the intellectual side, and then the emotional, and never the two shall meet. Or something like that. I know deeply how right those thoughts are, but still feel bruised by a silly rating.

    So your BTW comment is right on, too. Thank you. Tim.

  4. Well, being intellectual is not always the same as being the two doesn't have to meet - ever.
    Intellectual people are the ones who can stand in front of a piece of art and put fancy words to it - someone who is creative will skip that part and make it all happen.

    That's the difference ;)

    And dad was a professional artist, a cynical one...but he did very well. So his advice usually works, even if they are a bit unortodox at

  5. I enjoy your art...

    The rating system, not so much...

    I guess the best rating you could get is an extreme rating 0 or 5...the goal of art is to stimulate emotion...whether it's good or bad...Indifference would be problematic to a real means that he/she is not sparking any emotion...

    keep doing good work


  6. Hi Hammer,
    I agree with you. I mean, I'm not really looking for a one star rating, but, like you, I honestly think that would be better. Two stars is so lukewarm~ uhg! One star is at least like, 'wow, I got someone to really feel something.' So I agree.

  7. I can relate. Art is like an extension of who I am on a core level. When I create something it is far more than an object or an image, it's my heart and soul. Critiques are sometimes painful but can catapult us to a new level of expression. Rating systems are another matter. They don't seem to be very helpful because (without comments) they just leave you with a big question mark when you get a low rating. I love your work. Wish I could do that myself.

  8. Hi Oliviah,
    thank you for your well expressed thoughts. You are right~ a rating is a question mark. A comment tells you so much more~ whether negative or positive ~and also can reveal something of the person commenting. I've been influenced often by comments, but a rating-- not at all. (Thank you, too, for the nice compliment!) Tim.

  9. lord i love your work, let me know if you ever want a real website for trade!
    don't let other people bring you down, it's all a matter of personal taste (art is) and your art is the prettiest art i have seen in a while.
    I love colors and shapes
    as you can probably see by my website
    Good luck to you with your art!

  10. Unqualified criticism is hard to take. And art sort of exposes you, as you put your heart into it. So I feel for you. Don't let it get you down. Thanks for the links to those sites, I had some fun looking about them.

  11. Wow.. I think your stuff is awesome!!! I'd give you 10 out of 5, how's that?

    Sheesh. There were people who thought Van Gogh was crap, and I'll say no more...

    I love glass, my windows are full of little sparkly things, and I make mosaics once in a while from beach glass. I have beach glass from all over the west coast! :-)

  12. Wow.. I think your stuff is awesome!!! I'd give you 10 out of 5, how's that?

    Sheesh. There were people who thought Van Gogh was crap, and I'll say no more...

    I love glass, my windows are full of little sparkly things, and I make mosaics once in a while from beach glass. I have beach glass from all over the west coast! :-)

  13. Hi Chandira,
    Thank you so much! It is raining and ugly out here today~ but your lovely comment makes it all seem so much brighter! Tim

  14. Hi Tim,

    In response the feedback we recevied. The rating system has been removed from our site.