Thursday, January 08, 2009

Wind Chime in a Customer's Yard

Coast Chimes all Glass and Copper Wind Chime
At its new home in Arizona

It's so nice when customers are excited and proud enough to take a picture of their new wind chime, and email it to me. I enjoy seeing my work in different places, different states, provinces, and countries. It's a little odd seeing my work in places I have never visited.

I particularly like the way this customer has hung the chime. I've seen these large black forged hooks before around here, and even thought about buying some and selling them along with my chimes. But they are just too large to ship. Besides, I believe they are widely available and very reasonably priced at around $15. That's less than I could ship them for. They are certainly well suited for my work. She got this just right, with the sun behind the glass.

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  1. Hi Tim!
    It is absolutely beautiful!

    We are supposed to be moving to AZ too (Southeast), down near my oldest daughter. I would love to have some of your windchimes down there with me too.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Kim,

    Thank you for the nice comment. How nice that you can move near your oldest daughter. Enjoy~ Tim