Thursday, November 01, 2007

Big Boy

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beautiful glass and copper wind chime, large, Tim KlineHuge handcrafted copper wind chime with a beach stone clapper. The five heavy chimes are cut from one and a quarter inch diameter copper; the longest one is 32 inches. The chimes are suspended from beautiful glass. All copper connections. Great sound! For more information or to buy, Click here.

I enjoy making large works. Although they take a lot of time, and the materials are expensive, and shipping is a headache, it's worth it. It's satisfying to create something that makes a bold statement, that stands out. When people see my smaller works, they tend to say something like 'How pretty' or 'neat' but when they see something like this gigantic set of chimes, they are more likely to say 'Wow!'

I plan to make several works with these chimes. Perhaps one with a big rounded beach stone on top, and one with a big slab of driftwood.

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