Monday, May 21, 2007

Bigger can be Better

Large Driftwood Double Copper Wind Chime ~ a Treat for the Eyes, and the Ears. See other large works in my eBay store, or the major works page on my website.

Sometimes I really enjoy making big works. I forget that one day I will have to pack them and ship. There are strict limits on both size and weight, so always my first thought when the 'sold' notice comes through is "Yipee!" followed shortly by "Oh, Oh" as I realize what a job it will be to pack, and also wondering if it might be too big, too heavy. As I've made more and more large pieces, I have become a little more clever in designing them for easier packing. But it's still quite a chore.


  1. This is realy nice work.

    I tried your 99cent ebay link and it failed.

    Anyway love the work.

  2. Thanks, sir lizard~ and thanks for the heads up about the link. I fixed it. Tim