Monday, May 07, 2007

Must be Spring

Sure signs of Spring: warmer weather, bees, flowers, and the large increase in the number of wind chimes shipping.

Packing glass is never easy. But with an injured thumb, even tricker. I had to learn a new way to hold scissors! But the job got done, and the packages look presentable.

I know how sad it would be to open a box of broken glass, so I take great care. I've learned over the years, and haven't had anything break now in over four years. Part of that is investing in great packing materials. I use a lot of sill foam, which at over $8.00 a roll adds to my expenses, but it is perfect for my glass.

I also know that the first impression on my customers will be the box I ship in. So I go to extra trouble to have the outside look neat and clean. I'm not sure, but guess maybe that helps things slide smoothly across the border, too.

My $255 cobalt blue beach glass inspired wind chime with cold forged connectors and hook is still way too low ($41!) on eBay. Why not add something amazing to your yard this Spring? See this wind chime by clicking here.


  1. your creations are beautiful. i am going to start saving for one :)

  2. Thank you, writer. Many listings in my eBay store have 'Best Offer' which means you can make an offer. Not everything is all that expensive, but it is all really well made. Appreciate your comment. Tim