Sunday, March 18, 2007

Wind Chime Wondering

Three large smooth and rounded beach stones with high-quality copper chimes. Tung nut oiled red cedar. The beach stone clapper makes beautiful sound against the copper chimes. All handmade. Built to provide years of enjoyment.

For the price of filling a car with gas a couple of times, gas which is gone in days or weeks, people could have owned something that would have brought them pleasure for years, and no CO2 emissions. Usually offered on my various sites for around $177.00, I had this set on auction starting at only $97.50. That's an absurd price!

I guess this week people decided they would rather fill their tank, or maybe go out for a soon forgotten dinner at a restaurant. Too bad. I'll put them back on my various sites, but I'm going to raise the price. A lot. The point is, they are worth way more than $97.50. I know the right person will come along, and appreciate them. Maybe they will need to drive a little less for a week or two, or skip one restaurant meal, but they will have these for years of joy.


  1. Evisione7:50 PM

    I think the it does take the right person. Somethings just call to some people.. and when it is right, you know it is and you do what you can to make it yours.

    It will sell. And the right person is out there.

  2. Hi evisione,
    Thank you. I have seen just what you say many times. Sometimes a piece sells right away, other times, despite trying all sorts of things, it waits for the right person.

    I appreciate you taking the time to right such a kind comment. Tim