Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wind Chime Custom Work

Eight chimes instead of my standard five. Custom ordered as a birthday gift for a mother who has eight children. It's a pleasure to help people give a very special gift.

Two different people with similar ideas recently approached me regarding custom work.

The first said that for their seventh wedding anniversary (copper), he wondered if I could make a set of wind chimes with seven chimes for his wife. He's going to have something engraved (romantic, I assume) on each chime. What a wonderful idea.

The second asked if I would make a wind chime with eight chimes for his mother's birthday, as she has eight children. Again, what a thoughtful, charming idea. I'm sure his mother will be deeply touched, and reminded of all eight children each time the wind blows the beach stone clapper.

It's nice when people give some thought and come up with a special gift idea. That sort of special order is always a pleasure to make.

Aside from the very high quality and unique designs, being able to request such things is one of the benefits of dealing directly with the artist-designer. You can learn about custom work on my the special order page of my website.


  1. Love your work !!!******

    All the Best My Artist Friend !!!******

  2. Thanks very much, cosmicsurfer~ appreciate you taking the time to leave such a kind comment! Tim