Thursday, March 15, 2007

Against the Grain

With spring around the corner, these small beach glass inspired sun catchers seem like a nice way to celebrate. Something about them says 'spring.' I sell them in sets of five, three with chimes, two with copper spiral motifs. I have two sets on chime page of my website.

Being organized and neat is something that goes against my grain. I will never be organized and neat.

My environment is a mess.

But at times I do have to make a (for me) super human effort. For example, packing orders. I fully appreciate that when someone orders an art wind chime or sun catcher, their first impression will be the box and the packing. No matter how beautiful the work, something will be lost if it arrives in a tattered box with sloppy packing. I know that. And so I make an effort. I have to laugh each time the postal clerk complements me on my packaging, always telling me I have the best looking boxes of anyone she's seen. Believe me, that's not natural for me!

Another area I strive to be organized in is with all the different sites on which I have things listed. Ebay, Etsy, my own website, and several sites sometimes share the same works. So when something sells, I need to track down the other places where it is for sale, and remove it. This is oddly challenging for me. Just yesterday something sold on Etsy, and as soon as I saw the email my heart sank, as I was pretty sure this one was long gone. I'm human, I'm messy, and I make mistakes.

I strive to be organized, I strive to be neat, but it sure goes against my grain.


  1. Your work's so gorgeous! Are you having much success selling things? I tried selling my own crafts via a blog and had no luck, so now I'm trying Etsy.

  2. Thanks, zandperl~ it's always great to start the day with a complement!

    The blog is just one small element of the picture. There are certainly people who never go to Etsy or eBay, and you never know who is going to stumble across your work here or there. The more you are 'out there' the better.

    My full time job is making these things. So I know I also have to do the marketing work. The blog is a little part of that.