Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Taking Time to Breathe

Don't you just love big rounded beach stones? And don't you just love copper? And how can you resist wind chimes? So what's keeping you? Why don't you check out my new web site and see more? Unique designs, top quality, reasonable prices. And for the month of January, if you email you can receive 50% off your first purchase when you buy a second of equal or greater value! Click here to see some really amazing creations!

After working almost all of yesterday on my new website, I decided to take a very long hike today with my pup. It was great! We walked up the mountain, and before long we were into some nice snow. Not enough to make walking a struggle, but enough to make everything look beautiful. Wish I had taken the camera along. Then again, sometimes it's best just to enjoy.

Tomorrow, back to working on some new creations. It's so cold out, it will probably be painful out there, working with glass and copper. The copper is particularly hard to handle, as it always seems to be several degrees colder than the air. That's not possible. But it feels like it!


  1. probably had the same wind chill we did here, Tim. I walked around a bit uptown, where it's usually warmer, but Qualicum Beach was just cold everywhere!

    It would definitely have been hard for you to work with copper.

    Stay warm! Beautiful birthday's coming up, surely my hint will be taken!

  2. Hi Marion!
    Yes, I bet it is even colder over where you are~ more wind? I was happy to have an excuse to take a super long hike. I'll have to get back out working soon, though. The weather doesn't stop the bills from coming in! Best wishes for your birthday hints~ Tim