Sunday, January 07, 2007

Making a Web Site is not so Easy!

My first creation of '07. I wanted to start the New Year by making something amazing~ so here it is! The wood base section especially pleases me. It is hewn from an old tough cedar stump, left over from logging. Usually, people just yank these up and burn them. Well, it turns out the wood is just beautiful! And being from the very bottom of the tree, harder than most cedar. For more information, or to purchase this very large double art wind chime, Click Here.

Well, when I first sat down with nearly zero in the way of skills to make my website, I thought it was going to be tough. Maybe beyond me. Then, after fooling around a little, I thought it was easy. Ha! Wrong. It turns out that this is one of those things where the more you learn, the more you understand you have to learn. Still~ I have learned a lot, and the site is starting to look okay. If you haven't dropped by, why not check out what a fellow with zero skills can accomplish? Click Here to see my site~ and any suggestions greatly appreciated!


  1. Wow, your site is beautiful, Tim. I have left comments on your blog, but I guess the computer swallowed them!

    I admire anyone who has the courage to face HTML...Graham fills in when there is something like that to do, for me. It is extremely hard for me to understand or execute properly. So definite kudos to you!

    I have placed your blog link on my blog, friends and family can now easily find you, as I talk about your work all the time. You know how much I love it.

    I have dropped so many hints as to what I like that surely someone will pick up on it! lol

  2. For someone with no skills, your website looks wonderful! Good job!

  3. Hi Marion~ Say, thanks so much! It's simple, but I like very simple sites, so that's okay with me. I will no doubt be fixing up some things and making some improvements~ but I am happy to have gotten as far as I did~ since I really knew nothing about it, before starting.

    Thanks so very much for the link, too, Marion~ very much appreciated! Hope they get the hint! Tim~

  4. Hi Paula,
    Well I sure appreciate that! Thanks so much. It was a struggle~ for sure. But now that I have the bare bones up, I can take a breather and learn how to polish it. Bests wishes, Paula~ Tim

  5. Wow.. I love this creation of yours. Beautiful

  6. Thanks so much, Kerri~ I did want to start off the new year by making something super special, and am glad you like it. The wood base, which you can't see well in the picture, is something I take special pleasure in. I cut it from a logged cedar stump, and most often they just burn these up. It turns out that a plank cut from one of these is just stunning! Thanks again. Tim

  7. The site is coming along nicely. I also like the simplicity of it and feel it serves the purpose of being a showcase for your wonderful work. Congratulations!

  8. Hi ksemolic,
    Thanks so much! I really, really appreciate that, as I just redid the first two layers (is that how one talks about websites?). Why is it that one can see the mistakes so clearly after making them, but not while you are making them?

    Anyway, your nice comment could not have come at a better time. Tim~

  9. Hi Tim!

    You've done a wonderful job on your website, and you have every right to be proud of yourself.

    I would suggest that you go to

    Meta Tag Analyzer

    and perhaps modify some of your meta tags, per the suggestions from this site.

    The main problem they found was the low key word relevance on your site. That means you need to work those key words into the page, or perhaps remove some of the key words. You might be able to work some key words in by putting in alt image text on your pictures.

  10. Hi dirtybutter!,
    Thanks an awful lot for not only taking the trouble to have a look, but for the meta tag advice. I ran a quick test and was impressed by the software~ neat.

    I'm taking a few days away from HTML, but next time I plunge in, I will work on those and polish them.

    Appreciate you help! Tim~ ps, I think when I was messing with the colors on my blog, I somehow zapped your link. I'll have to fix that, too, soon.