Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Cool Ideas for a Hot Summer

Deluxe tung nut oiled red cedar bird feeder garden stake with two sets of handcrafted copper chimes~ beach stone clappers. Beach glass inspired artist-made glass. For more information on this, or to buy it, Click Here.

It's been hot here, and sales have been hot too. A little overwhelmed, folks. And the Bosch table saw is still at the repair center in Vancouver~ sigh.

Should the bearings burn out in a $700 saw after two years? No. Has it happened to others? Yes. Browsing through the Amazon customer reviews, I found about 5 others that have had the motor burn out. Not good enough, not by far.

The good news is that not having the saw has given me time to catch up a little on chime production. The deluxe copper chimes with beach stone clappers take quite a while to make, and I am always short of them. I made about eighteen sets this past week. That's good.

And I also had time to put together some new ideas. Like the bird feeder double wind chime pictured above. I've wanted to do that for a long time, but never quite had the time. Now it's done. I also used my chain saw to cut some unbelievable planks from a cedar stump. Spent an hour sanding the top of one of those yesterday, and treated it with tung nut oil. Too beautiful for words! Not exactly sure what I am going to do with it~ but it's going to be great!


  1. One of these days, I'll purchase one of your pieces instead of just drooling over them.}:)

  2. One of these days, I'll actually buy one of your pieces instead of simply droo0ling over them.}:)

  3. Thanks wolf! The sooner the better~ prices are going to have to go up. Copper is up 100%, and my glass price seems to have just increased 200 %--- ouch! Appreciate your comment. Tim~

  4. The Artist2:24 AM

    Beautiful pieces as always, best wishes, The Artist

  5. Hi 'the artist' ~ Thanks! Nice comments like yours help to keep me going~ I appreciate you taking the time. Tim

  6. I fear I'll have to just enjoy looking, as I really can't afford these gorgeous pieces. So for me, this blog is like going to a museum. Look, but don't touch.

    Will the birds use a feeder that has chimes making noise? Just wondering??


  7. Thanks, Dirty Butter~ you never know, people's situation change. Maybe one day.

    The chimes do not bother the birds. Who knows, maybe they even enjoy them? Thanks again. Tim~