Sunday, February 26, 2006

tsk Design ~ Where are all the birds?

For the first years we lived here on the Sunshine Coast in the country, surrounded by forests, I found it odd that there were not more birds. Sure, I'd hear some singing from time to time (mostly early in the morning waking me up!), and sometimes see one off in a tree, but I thought there would be many more. Gee~ I had seen far more in our tiny yard when we lived in Vancouver!

Well, after making many different types of wind chimes, I hit one day on the idea of making a deluxe bird feeder wind chime. After making one, I thought: 'Wow~ I want one of those!" and hung it up. Guess what? After about two weeks, there were so many birds in our yard, I was filling the feeder daily! So I made an even large feeder, and sat back to enjoy the show. Turns out there always were a ton of birds~ they just had not had any reason to come out and visit!

Often birds flit in and and out so fast that without the gentle tone from the chimes, I'd miss them. But birds landing and taking off swing the feeder a little, and the beach stone clapper gently sounds against the copper chimes. I look up on hearing the chime, and see the birds. Nice!

To read more about this feeder, or to buy one, CLICK here.

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