Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bright Colors, Please!

For more information on this handpainted art glass wind chime, or to buy it, CLICK here.

After several years of designing with my own artist-made 'beach' style glass, I found that several times a month I would get emails asking if I had any purple, or red, or orange. I can't make my own glass in those colors, but appreciated that bright colors can be very nice. My solution? Hand painted glass.

This style is double-sided (almost like getting two wind chimes!), with all the paint on the inside of extra-thick glass, well sealed and protected from the elements. Pretty flashy, huh?

People who ask questions or request something are so valuable from an inspiration point of view. They get me thinking and I will work hard to come up with a new idea that gives them what they asked for. This is great for them, but even better for me, as many of my best ideas have come from a question or request. This is one of the best things about selling online, rather than just in a store.

Selling through a store, you never get to hear what people think. But selling online (eBay for example), you get all sorts of feedback and comments. I love getting up in the morning and finding a couple of emails raving about my work~ those will get me out and working on a cold, wet morning, and doing a better job than I might without those compliments. I want to please more people!

Detail images of the colorful glass wind chime~

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