Saturday, February 25, 2006

First Post ~ I'm Blogging! tsk Design

Better late than never~ seems everyone is blogging! I've only recently had time to check out blogging, and am intrigued to see some artists / crafts people are using blogs to add discipline to their lives by doing something like 'a work a day.'

That's a fine idea, since one of the hardest aspects of working at home is getting to work! I'm not going to promise a 'work a day' because I think everyone deserves at least a little time off~ and many of my designs take much longer than a day to make. But I do intend to showcase something most days.

When I do not feature a recent design, I plan to chat a bit about the ups and downs of making a 'living' by working at home making things for people. A glimpse into the chaos that is my world! It's mostly great~ but sometimes tough.

I've always been drawing, painting, making things. But only since moving to the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia have I had the space to really make noise and a mess. I work with beach stone, copper, my own artist-made glass and other materials designing everything from small glass and copper ornaments to giant beach stone and copper wind chimes. I walk the beaches and wander the forest finding natural materials to incorporate into my work. For five years, I have been serious about making a living doing this~ mainly through eBay, but also a gallery in Vancouver, and sometimes local stores.

Here is today's work: A Mosaic Kaleidoscope Wind Chime. 42 inches long. Artist-made glass morsels and tung nut oil red cedar with large copper chimes.

If you would like more information, or to bid on this,
CLICK here.

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