Thursday, May 01, 2014

Picture (almost) Perfect

Blue glass with copper wind chime, Coast Chimes
Cobalt Blue Glass with Copper Handcrafted Wind ChimeView at
Coast Chimes

The picture taking struggle continues — the never ending story! However, I am happier these recent days than I have been in a long time, regarding taking pictures. We finally have our new fence, and a very fine fence it is! It is my own design, and features perforated metal and cedar. This creates an unusual effect, as the fence is slightly transparent! That makes an excellent backdrop for my pictures.

It should look even better as the garden starts to grow and green. In the mean time, I am busy making thing, taking pictures, re-taking old pictures that now look crummy compared to the new ones, and tweaking my website (Coast Chimes) and other sites (Etsy).

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