Monday, March 03, 2014

Making a Beach Stone Wind Chime

Beach stones and copper wire.
Raw Pacific Beach Stones and Heavy Copper Wire

Soldering the copper hook
Soldering the Copper Hook

Drilled beach stones and soldered copper hook
Drilled Beach Stones and Soldered Copper Hook

Finished Beach Stone Wind Chime, Coast Chimes
Finished Natural Beach Stone Wind Chime
Available at Coast Chimes

There is more to putting together a beach stone wind chime than some may think. It all starts with the stones, and that means a trip to a beach with good stones. That is not just any old beach. Although there are a lot of stones on the beach just a few minutes stroll from my house, those are not suitable. I need to drive to Sechelt, half an hour away, to get the really great stones I use.

Once I have great stones, I need to sort them out into a pleasing combination, and then drill them with diamond bits. I write 'bits' in the plural, because these stones are very hard on the diamonds, and it frequently takes several bits to cut the seven stones.

After drilling the holes, the rest is relatively easy. I bend a copper hook and solder it. I form a copper hooklet wire to string through the stones. I string the stones, and form the bottom hooklet. Then I just have to hang the chimes (making those is another whole story!), and take my pictures.

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