Friday, February 28, 2014

Beach Stone Wind Chime at New Home

Beach Stone Wind Chime image sent from a customer. Coast Chimes
Large Beach Stone Wind Chime at its New Home, Customer Photograph
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I love when customers send me pictures of my work. Seeing my wind chimes and suncatchers in a new setting is always a little strange, for me. I am so familiar with them, but not in the new setting. I like to see how people have hung them. Above is a particularly lovely location, and very nice hanging job, too. That is a massive hook that is supporting this chime, because the chime is not small! That's a good thing, as the chime is also not light. I always include instructions to use a strong nail or hook for these beach stone chimes, and I am happy these people followed the instructions.


  1. I love your work Tim. A true work of art when one can combine nature in their art! :-)