Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Bird Feeder Wind Chimes: Even Better!

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bird feeder, wind chime, copper, cedar, deluxe, handcrafted
Deluxe handcrafted red cedar bird feed with five antiqued copper chimes.
Visit my website, Coast Chimes, for more pictures and information.

I've made a lot of bird feeder wind chimes. I make them in series, usually for at a time. Each new series, I incorporate changes to improve them. Just yesterday, I finished my latest series, and these are the best ever.

They are a little larger than the last ones, and a little more elegant looking. They are also extremely well made. You can find them on Coast Chimes, and also on Etsy.


  1. Chimes look great with any decor. Their earthy natural look can make any room more relaxing.Bamboo has been used for a long time in the practice of Feng Shui to bring forth wealthy abundance and prosperity to the family.

  2. Not only do they look pretty and are pleasant and soothing to listen too, but wind chimes also have a healing affect as well. By listening to the tones of the chimes you will soon find your mind becoming calm and the stress in your body being released. Not only does the soothing effect of the chimes help to open our spiritual awareness, but they have been used for centuries by many cultures.