Friday, January 28, 2011

Back to Work, and Blogging

50 Diamond Bits
diamond drill bits, Dremel bits
50 new diamond bits. Lots of stone and glass cutting coming right up!

It's been a (l-o-n-g) while. Between a car accident that wrecked my back, and a winter break down in Mexico, time went by. But I am back, and back at work.

As shown in the picture, I just picked up 50 beautiful, new, diamond bits. I am excited to get out and cut a lot of beach stone, and soon, in the spring, lots of glass. I already got going on the stone. Here is a wonderful natural beach stone wind chime:

Natural Pacific Beach Stone Wind Chime
Beach Stone Wind Chime Handcrafted
Three gorgeous natural beach stones with hammered copper. Five antiqued copper chimes with a beach pebble clapper and a hammered copper windsail.

Isn't that a wonderful wind chime? And it is extremely well suited to year round outdoor use— in fact, it looks even better wet than dry! Find it on my website: Coast Chimes, or on Etsy: My Etsy Shop.

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