Friday, October 08, 2010

Freestanding Large Double Wind Chimes

Four new large double freestanding wind chimes
See them on my website, Coast Chimes, or on Etsy.

I enjoy the challenge of making large works, and only wish that Canada Post would allow even bigger items to ship. It is easy to get carried away and go beyond the maximum size or weight for shipping. How I would love to make a truly giant sculpture!

Well, these most recent works are pretty big. One of the beach stone bases is still downstairs cluttering up our living room, as I just have not felt like lugging it upstairs. At fifty pounds, it's an armful!

Although there are beaches here with many, many stones, it is surprisingly difficult to find a stone that works well as a base. If I wanted to cheat, I could take any nice large stone over to my friend's place, and have him cut the bottom off so it lies flat and stable. But I prefer to keep it all natural, so I search, and I search, and eventually I find an attractive stone that works.

Bending the copper is also tricky. I find this is one job where I truly have to be in an excellent frame of mind: relaxed, feeling good and confident. It's easy to kink the copper, or to end up with a mess.

As always with these large works, I offer free shipping to anywhere in the USA or Canada. I bet some of these will cost around $150 in postage, so that is quite a good deal. The postage is only a part of it, of course, as packing these tends to be a half a day job, at least.

Why not take a few minutes and check these out on my website's Large Works page, or on Etsy? Also, if you click on the picture above, you can see them a bit bigger.

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