Friday, September 24, 2010

Bird Feeder Wind Chime: New Design

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Deluxe Red Cedar Bird Feeder Wind Chime

I stopped making bird feeders for a while, as they were so time consuming and I had to charge so much even to make a minimal hourly wage. But they were beautiful, and I was proud of them.

Recently, I decided to simplify the design somewhat, but keep all the beauty. So instead of a four-sided feeder I am now making a two sided one. It still looks amazing, and it is in fact better, as it is much more solid. Best of all, I could reduce the price, since these are a little faster to make.

You can see them on my website, with more pictures, or on Etsy.

One of the neatest things about this bird feeder (aside from the super cool design!), is that when birds land or take off the chimes will chime alerting you to the feeding birds. The birds do not seem to mind the chimes at all. Who knows, maybe they enjoy them.

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