Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hooks and Connections, Copper, Handcrafted

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The handcrafted copper hooklets and connectors for the beach stone clappers on my wind chimes, five sets. The two simple tools shown, and my hands, are all I use to make these copper works.

I have many tools, including many expensive ones like my saws and my drills. I like them all. But I take the most pleasure in my very simple tools, such as the wood spindle pictured above. With that simple, oversized pencil (and the pliers), I make all my copper hooks and connectors.

Shown above are five sets of small copper systems for attaching the beach stone clappers to my wind chimes. I string it all together with fine copper wire, and add a hammered antiqued copper windsail.

It 's time consuming to make each chime section— very labor intensive, with great attention to detail. But that's what makes it special.

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