Saturday, October 24, 2009

Driftwood Necklace Earring Set

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Necklace Driftwood Copper Beach Stone with Earrings
Driftwood handcrafted necklace with beach pebbles and copper and matching earrings. The final set on my new jewelry website: 
(Coast Copper is no longer active, but you can special order through my contact page on Coast Chimes)

My new website, Coast Copper, is now finished. It consist of a small selection of unique artist-made necklace and earring sets: each completely handcrafted, entirely one-of-a-kind. These are not made with commercial beads etc., and merely assembled: I made all the primary components by hand.

And the best news is that I have drastically reduced the prices on most sets. I decided I would rather sell a few more sets than make more per set, and also, why not give people a good deal? It's nice to offer such unique, handmade works for such a great price.

That said, the prices are introductory, and may change (read, go up) as the site becomes more popular.

Why not check out the neat Coverflow Page, where you can see all the sets quickly. If you see a set you like, or want more information about, just click on the coverflow image and you will be taken to the description page, where there is also a larger picture.

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