Saturday, October 03, 2009

Amazing Rain Chain

Click on the picture to see it larger

Special Order
7 Foot long Blue Glass and Copper Rain Chain
Pacific Driftwood top Section

I enjoy doing custom work, special orders. Especially when the customer is super nice (most are), and even more so when they allow a great deal of artistic freedom. Making the above pictured rain chain was labor intensive (my blue glass is the hardest to work with), but pleasure too. The customer described in general terms what she was thinking of, and then told me to use my skill and imagination-- there was no looking over my shoulder.

The real pleasure came when I completed the piece, because my wife, who is rather use to my work after fourteen years and does not get too excited about it most of the time, went on and on about how beautiful this one was. Then, after emailing photographs to the customer, her reaction was very sweet-- so excited!

Custom designs can really be rewarding, when you manage to fulfil the customer's dreams, or, in this case, go beyond those dreams, as she said.

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