Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winter Comes Early to the Pacific North West

December 17 is pretty early for winter on the Sunshine Coast.

There are years when winter never acrtually arrives here on the Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada. But evidently this is not such a year. After several days of much colder than usual temperatures, this morning it is snowing hard. And the forecast for far into the future they is for more of the same, except even colder.

The forecast is predicting minus 14 C at night, a few days from now. I guess maybe I should have ordered seven cords of firewood, instead of six.

Below is a picture of the guy who really appreciates a good load of firewood crackling in the stove. Yukon, my seven year old golden pup, likes nothing more than roasting his hide. This morning, when I cam downstairs, I saw that my son had moved the dog's pillow over near the fire. No complaints about that from Yukon, to be sure!

When I come in from working on my latest neat wind chime, with frozen hands and icy feet, I see Yukon snoozing next to the fire. Most often I have to push him aside a bit to make space for myself. I do think these creatures are clever. After all, part of why I am out there working in the freezing cold is so that I can buy him his next outrageously expensive bag of food. Meanwhile, he sleeps a warm and happy sleep, knowing I'll be dragging in a few more heavy loads of wood to keep the fire going, that his meal will be served on time, that all is right with the world.

I'd write more about that, but I better get back outside to make some more things to sell, so I can be sure to have enough money to buy that sack of dog food.

Yukon, oblivious to the world of cold and work.

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