Sunday, December 07, 2008

US Dollar Rises Fast, Canadian Dollar Tanks: You Save!

Whoa! No one saw this one coming a few months ago!

Talk about early Christmas presents! I could deal with the 300% increase in copper, and all the other materials going up significantly too, but the rising Canadian dollar on top of that was too much. Worse, all the 'experts' lecturing on the radio did not exactly cheer me up, as a few short months ago they predicted a higher and higher Canadian dollar.

The simple math was that when I sold something two years ago for, say, $100, I would trade those US dollars in and get $145, or more. But a couple of months ago I would trade those same $100 in and get $90, or less. Ouch.

So you can imagine how pleased I am to see our Canadian dollar falling. And you should be happy too. Why? Because this change of scene has enabled me to lower almost all the prices on my website. Many prices have been not just lowered, but slashed.

Visit my website, Coast Chimes, with the new, low prices, by clicking here.

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