Friday, October 03, 2008

Taking Pictures

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wind chimeYukon wrecks another one.
Beach glass inspired copper wind chime.
Click here to visit my website and see this wind chime sans dog

With arts and crafts, the single most important marketing aspect is the picture. You can write all the lovely things you like about a piece, but if the picture sucks, forget the sale.

I've been taking pictures of my work for nearly fourteen years, and I know the best time of day, and the best lighting conditions. Unfortunately, especially as we get into shorter, cloudier days, these moments are not that frequent, nor do they last that long. At the best of times, I have perhaps twenty minutes to take my pictures.

The other day, the sun was very iffy, but given that the forecast was calling for at least several wet, dark cloudy days, I knew I had to take pictures.

As usual, my big golden retriever, who spends almost all day sleeping in the back of the car, had to jump out (he has some sort of sixth sense about when I take pictures) and stand right in the way. Out of the dozen I took of this wind chime, he wrecked the very best one. Man's best friend? Not always.

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