Friday, October 24, 2008

Better Pictures

windchime, stained glass, copper, verdigris(Click on the image to see it larger.)

Mixed media kaleidoscope wind chime
Five true veridgris copper chimes
See this wind chime in the 'Artist-picks' section of my website

Has it really been over thirteen years that I have been making wind chimes, and taking pictures to sell them on the Net? Time flies.

You would think after all those years, all those thousands and thousand of pictures, I'd have picture taking down to, well, an art. But no. I still learn.

Despite the many new windows I put into the shop this past summer, there is often not enough natural light when it is cloudy, or when the sun sets so early. So I grabbed a 500 watt halogen shop light. That's bright!

It's so bright I got a bright idea. I took the lamp to the solarium where I take all my pictures, and found that it is very helpful. I used to use a small table halogen lamp to brighten the front, but that did not have much ooomph to it. This big boy is way, way better. Now I can have the great sunlight filtering through my glass from behind, showing the 'kaleidoscope' effect, and not have the front so dark that it looks like the wood is black. Good stuff.

So I just retook most of my kaleidoscope wind chimes, and a bunch of other works. New, and improved, pictures. I also made a whole lot of new woodwork pieces, taking advantage of what dry weather remains. As long as it is not too cold, or wet, I'll be working full steam ahead. (That explains why I have not had the time to post here for way too long of a time.)

More good news. With the economic melt down, I've increased the number of nicely marked-down (sale) items on my site. They are marked down enough so that they sell pretty briskly. I understand why people may not be in the mood to spend $177 or more on a wind chime just now (although that is, I believe, a fair price), so I offer some with a price that's too tempting to pass. Enjoy.

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