Wednesday, August 06, 2008


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freestanding driftwood wind chime, Bonsai driftwoodBonsai driftwood freestanding chime.
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I do love driftwood. When I was seven years old, my first awakening to natural beauty came when I found a piece of smooth driftwood at a lake where we were holidaying. I picked that piece of wood up, saw something amazing about it, and kept it as a treasure for years.

That was a long time ago!

But my appreciation of driftwood has not lessened in the least. What to most is just a stick on the beach, to me is art. When I take a piece of driftwood home and build a tung nut oiled red cedar stand for it, and hang a set of my handcrafted copper chimes, then that truth becomes apparent to other people, too. They will visit my little studio, walk by, stop, turn around, and stare at it with awe. Such beauty! But it's just a stick, right? Hardly.

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