Thursday, August 28, 2008

Deluxe Wind Chimes

Click on the picture to see it larger

Back from beautiful Montana, and set to go. I'm excited to be working on some really extraordinary wind chimes. Having added in a page called 'Artist's Pick' to my website, I want to have around half a dozen remarkable works to display.

Of course, all my works are special: all unique designs, all handcrafted, not to be found anywhere else or made by anyone else.

However, the works for this new section of my website will be priced in a way that will allow me to spend those extra hours to make things with an even larger 'Wow' factor.

For example, pictured above is a beach glass inspired wind chime with pastel blue (very subtle tinge of blue) glass, and true verdigris copper chimes. The verdigris takes a lot of time to achieve, but looks fabulous, and will simply look better and better over time as it matures.

An amazing wind chime, fully qualifying for display in the new section of my website.

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