Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Windchime, My Favorite

windchime, cobalt blue, beach glass inspired, copperCobalt blue beach glass inspired, with aged copper chimes. Delicious. For more information, or to purchase, Click Here (my website).

I'm frequently asked which of my many wind chime designs is my favorite. That's a tough one! I wouldn't make a style I did not like. So it is hard to choose.

But if I had to choose, I guess I would pick the one pictured here. I needed to put a lot into this one, and that may partially account for my choice. But there are other reasons.

First, the cobalt blue glass, aside from being stunningly beautiful, is by far the most challenging to work with. It tends to fracture in odd ways, and you need to baby it along every step of the way. So when I succeed, I automatically am attached.

Second, the aged copper chimes (pre-aged on my deck for over a year), I think go just perfectly with the dark blue. I only get a couple sets of aged chimes a year, at the best, so that's not something I can re-produce everyday.

And finally, I just don't think you can beat these all glass and copper wind chimes. I've had three sets on my deck for almost ten years, all year long in snow, rain and wind, and they just look better and better as time goes by. Think about it: no wood, no string, nothing to wear out or break. Just shear beauty.

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  1. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Hello fellow Coaster! I came across your etsy shop .. absolutely GORGEOUS art you have on there. I have a little etsy shop too, just started as a showcase for all the things I make during my commute to Vancouver.

    When I have more than a few seconds to myself (2 kids under 4) I'll come back and read more. (we're in HMB).