Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sea Glass Inspired Wind Chime | Bigger

Is bigger better? When it comes to the top section of this beach glass inspired kaleidoscope wind chime, maybe. Now one inch higher, one inch wider. To view three of this new larger style, you can visit my Carousel kaleidoscope wind chime section on my website (they are the last three images in the Carousel) by Clicking Here.

One of the great things about selling on the Net is hearing directly from customers (or even from people who are not customers, but who have something to say). That's worth a lot, and you can bet I listen closely.

Most often it is direct, like: Do you have any red glass? (No, red looks brown with a mat finish, but I listened and made red in other ways). Other times, it is simply a matter of reading between the lines, like: Could I special order one with a larger top section?

Making a couple of special orders like that, I saw that it was a good idea. So last week when I ordered plate glass, I got them to cut each piece one inch wider, one inch higher. Presto, the new 'improved' kaleidoscope wind chime. It's surprising how much just two inches changes the look.

Anyway, thanks again to my customers for all their good ideas.

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