Sunday, December 09, 2007

New Works ~ Interesting Wind Chimes

wind chime, marbles, beach glass, copper, Tim Kline
Wind Chime, windchime, cats-eye marbles, copper, handcrafted

For the first time I am using some of the large 'shooter' marbles that have been accumulating over the years. Most often, in each small bag of marbles I buy, there is one large marble~ a shooter. I've obviously bought a lot of bags of marbles! These beautiful wind chimes are available for instant purchase in my
eBay store, or on the neat arts and crafts site, Etsy. They are very well made. The red cedar box frames, chime roundels and windsails have been treated with an exception eco-friendly tung nut oil finish. A beach stone clapper sounds great against the five heavy copper chimes. A treat for the eyes, and the ears.

A very busy, productive day, yesterday, despite the cold weather. So cold, sometimes I lost all feeling in my hands. One can't wear gloves when using a table saw, or sanding, and I do all that sort of work outside, in unheated space. Not to complain, but I sure wish it was (a lot) warmer. This morning, it's snowing again!

Yesterday illustrates well just how varied my days often are. Cutting cedar, cutting copper, sanding, brad nailing, soldering, cleaning plate glass, selecting glass, applying tung nut oil, cutting roundels, taking pictures, computer work, answering emails. Tools used: sander, table saw, jig saw, drill press, brad nailer, camera, computer. Oh~ and the wood stove might count as a tool yesterday, for thawing out my hands!

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