Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Oh Boy, Copper Prices Soar~ Again!

Heavy copper chimes. Yeah, I know, they have to find the stuff, dig it up, melt it down etc. etc. But still. Over a two hundred percent price increase in two years? That hurts.

Thirty day prices for copper

Not so long ago, I used to think it was such a great deal~ a length of heavy copper for under $10. Then it went up. Then it went up a lot! At $17, I stopped thinking it was such a great deal. At $23, I started to freak out. Now at $33, I am starting to figure out why they put the copper and gold charts on the same page! It's not just the price increase: it's how fast it is going up. Over 200% in such a short time. Ouch.

Well, I may have to raise my prices, or people will start buying my work just to strip the copper!

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