Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More than Just Wind Chimes

Mission style table or desk lamp with tung nut oiled wood, copper and real beach glass. Some people think if they visit my website they will see only wind chimes. The picture above is proof that this is not so. From lamps to garden stakes to... yes, wind chimes. Why not visit my website and see for yourself?

Time passes. Some may recall the picture I posted of the huge mess from a small logging operation on our property. Now with only a few days left in the burning season, we are rushing to finish the clean up. It is hard, dirty work. But the job is almost done. It is still not exactly a Better Homes and Garden yard (not even close!), but it is a lot better than a few months ago.


  1. Thank you fida~ one day I will take a better picture; this one doesn't do it justice. Tim

  2. What about a version with the light source surrounded by glass? Maybe a glass shade, maybe place the lightbulb inside what's currently the base... Just thoughts. :)

  3. Hi zandperl,
    Thanks for putting on your thinking cap for me. Appreciate your input! Tim