Wednesday, October 11, 2006


tsk Design Beach Glass Inspired Artist-made Glass with Copper Wind Chime
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There is good glass, acceptable glass, and bad glass. Sometimes there is excellent glass. Even though I have been working with my glass for years, I still can never be one hundred percent sure what I am going to end up with. There are a lot of variables at play. Even now, with years of experience, truly exceptional glass is not an everyday occurrence.

The glass for this blue glass wind chime is excellent. I'm all the more happy, because blue and frosty white are by far the two most difficult types of glass to work with. They are thinner, and more brittle. To get the mat finish and smooth edges, I need to work the pieces long enough, but if they are worked too long, they become thin and fragile, and fracture easily.

When the pieces are just perfect, they have a nice mat finish front and back, and are still thick. Most often, I have to settle for a little more gloss than I would like. But this time, for this wind chime, the glass is perfect.

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  1. Those blues are just beautiful, with best wishes, The Artist