Monday, October 30, 2006

Free Earrings ~ tskDesign, Sterling Hooks

To say thank you for a great year, I am giving my customers a pair of my tskDesign earrings with sterling silver hooks for all orders $75 and over. My wife is something of an earring fanatic collector, and of all the pairs she has, she says mine are the amongst those she enjoys the most, as they are pretty, unique, and very comfortable.

Colors are mossy green, light green, cobalt blue, light blue, champagne and frosty white. I used to sell these for $25 in a local store.

There are lots of good reasons to shop now, as, if past experience is anything to go on, things are going to get crazy in a couple of weeks. Prices may go up, and selection may go down. To see my amazing creations for the home, garden and office, Click here.


  1. Hmmm, with Christmas hovering on the horizon, I think you are making it really easy for my gift selections this year!

    Not much touches my heart as much as beach glass does. Your work is awesome!

  2. Hi Marion,
    Thanks so much for the nice comment~ appreciate it! I know it is early, but I better write about shipping times from Canada pretty soon. Every year, so many wait until the last week, and shipping from Canada, while usually taking only ten days or less, can take much longer if something gets hung up at the border. Thanks again! Tim

  3. I'm in Qualicum Beach, anyway, shipping will be simple for me. But others certainly would benefit from knowing when to order.

    I've had stuff hung up at the border for weeks!

  4. Qualicum Beach? Well you're a neighbour! And you could always zip over to Victoria, as I have a lot of things at the Crown Publication Gallery there.... Oh, but then there wouldn't be any earrings!

    I don't know if I have just been lucky, or what, but I have found the Canada Post service to the USA just excellent. But once in a very rare while, something does get hung up at the border for a week or so.

    Thanks for the nice comments, neighbour! Tim~

  5. Well, thank you, Tim...I will go to the Crown Pub. Gallery and keep an eye out for your chimes. We probably won't go before Christmas, however, so when I decide, I will order directly from you, if that's ok?

  6. Hi Marion,
    They have a pretty good selection there. But it is great if you order direct from me, or through eBay, or Etsy. If you decide on a style or piece, contact me and I can likely do something nice for you price-wise. Tim