Thursday, May 04, 2006


Working full time as an artist at home, a job I love, it's easy to forget to take a break. Thank goodness for Yukon~ he's watching over me, making sure I take time to play.

Years ago I lived in the big city and worked at a 9-5 job. Outside of work hours, I never thought of my work at all. That 9-5 job was just a job. Now, as a full time artist, I think of my work all the time, and work pretty much all the time too. I love my work. Yep, I have turned into a (gulp) workaholic!

Apparently one issue for many people working from home is getting out of the pajamas and to work. Quite the opposite for me. My problem is putting work aside and doing the other stuff~ fixing things that need fixing around the house, cutting firewood, grocery shopping, cleaning things up... all the things that must be done, but that are less interesting than the latest art creation. Even taking time for a little fun is not high on my agenda.

So, thank goodness for Yukon~ my four year old hound. They say dogs are Man's best friend~ I don't know about that, but I do know Yukon is high up on my list of best friends (and a mighty short list it is, too!). If it wasn't for this big yellow golden retriever, I have no doubt that most days I would work the whole day (workaholic), and be the worse for it.

Most of the day, Yukon is content to sleep nearby, once in a while opening one eye to check on the odd things I do. But sooner or later, usually just when I am doing something particularly tough involving both hands, fragile glass, and power tools, he finds a ball, carries it over, and drops it at my feet. It's time for a little fetch. I appreciate that. It's a reminder that there is more to life than simply working away. And so I throw the ball. And everyday we go for a walk, a walk that often turns into a long hike.

Sometimes in the middle of a particularly interesting new work, I might begrudge him his fetching and his walk. But it is just a momentary nasty thought. Once out in the peaceful woods with my fine pup, I find my energy levels increasing, my head clearing. I can return soon enough to work, refreshed. And so we hike on.


  1. Kathryn from Texas10:39 AM

    How could anyone resist the gaze from such a noble beast as Yukon? He has the right idea to help his master temper all that hard work with play. Great photo of a beautiful golden.

  2. Love to play with my dogs too,
    takes your mind off the crap
    of the day.Stop by for a visit

  3. He is Beautiful! Dogs can be such a wonderful animal, they are so caring and yours seems to be very caring. I can just see it in his eyes.

  4. Hi Kathryn, when he is wet from his daily swim, muddy, full of brambles~ even I can resist! Mostly, though, he gets more than his fair share of petting.

    Michele, even 'non-working' dogs earn their keep, don't they. Yukon is one of the laziest things I have ever seen, but he does his job of keeping me happy very well.

    Cindy, You know dogs! Thank you for noting my pup's caring look.

    Carrie, I have to agree~ he's a sweetie.

    Thank you all for the nice comments. Tim~

  5. I have got two Great Danes and they always remind me when it is time to go outside and enjoy! They are persistent!

  6. Like mom said above, me and Cole like our outside time! Let's go play!

  7. Hi Chana and Atlas (first comment from a pup~ mine just isn't into the whole Internet thing~), Two great danes! Well, you're not going to miss their hints, I guess! Sometimes Yukon looks so small (all curled up in a ball) and sometimes so large (yanking his leash), but next to your pups, he's a lap dog (my son thinks he is anyway!). Thanks for the comments! Tim~