Sunday, May 14, 2006


Fused glass artist Karen Godin makes everything from nightlights to the most beautiful bowls and coasters. She made these windsails for me, and will be delivering them in person next week, all the way from Oregon.

Selling my art through the internet, I have met many wonderful people. A few have become good friends.

Karen Godin, an exceptional fused glass artist living in Oregon, bought one of my wind chimes quite a while ago. She mentioned her own artwork, and we had a couple emails back and forth. After maybe a year or so, I heard from her again, and we exchanged many more emails as we were both looking for good Internet markets in which to sell our work. It was fun to explore different sites, and compare notes. I got to know her, and her stunning art work, much better.

It turned out that although she was born in South Africa, she grew up in West Vancouver, only forty minutes from my home. After I got the idea of begging her to make some fused glass windsails for my wind chimes, it also turned out that she would be going to West Vancouver this coming week for her father's birthday. She made the most beautiful glass for me, and will be hand delivering them next week. Isn't that amazing?

I wanted to learn more about fused glass work, and was very happy that Karen just wrote an excellent tutorial~ even using the windsails she made for me to illustrate the process. Her skill and artistic talent shines through. I do look so forward to meeting Karen next week~ not to mention getting my mitts on these fabulous fused glass windsails!


  1. Tim, you are too kind! The evolution of our friendship, both artistic and personal is something that I have come to cherish over this past year. The internet can be a strange & challenging land in which to travel - it is so valuable and encouraging to navigate that path with a friend who shares a common goal... successful promotion of our creative efforts!

    As for you having to "beg me" to collaborate on one of your gorgeous creations...well, I had to really think about that one... for about 3 seconds!!! I was delighted when you made the suggestion, and I can hardly wait to see how you transform those "sails" into a work of art to be treasured!

    I look forward to seeing you soon!

  2. Hi Karen~ not too kind at all. Thrilled you were willing to do this work. You are right, though, 'beg' was not a good choice of word~ I asked, and you kindly accepted. The result? Fantastic! See you soon. Tim

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