Monday, June 07, 2010

Giveaway: Handcrafted Copper Earrings

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Beautiful handcrafted copper earrings giveaway!
(Click on the image to see it larger)

Winner Announcement:

I have just drawn the name, and it is Robyn, of Potomac River Creations who has won- Congratulations Robyn! Sorry to everyone else, but thank you very much of entering. Robyn, I have emailed you through the email address on your website, and hopefully you get that fine. Otherwise, please contact me.

I am giving away up to four sets of my handcrafted copper earrings (approximate combined value is $80), as pictured above. These are really nice. People love my earrings!

This giveaway is open to everyone 18 and older in Canada, the USA, South America and Europe. The purpose of the giveaway is to publicize my Facebook page, and to increase my fan base on Facebook. It is being held off Facebook to comply with Facebook rules.


To enter for the draw, leave a comment on this blog posting, right here on the Coast Chimes blog. The winner will be able to pick one set of earrings from those pictured above.

If the winner is a fan of my Facebook page, they can choose two sets of earrings from those pictured above. If you are not yet a fan, to become a fan just click the 'like' button on my Facebook page.

Tweeting or sharing is not a requirement for entering this contest, but is much appreciated. So if you share or tweet my Facebook page, or this blog posting (easy icons upper right side), you will receive the bonus gift of two additional sets of earrings, for a total of four sets, as pictured above. This will be on an honour system: I will simply ask the winner if they shared or tweeted, and if yes, they will receive all four sets of earrings.

— This contest will close at 4:00 PM PDT on Monday, June 21. The winner will be randomly drawn from all those who have left a comment on this page. The winner will be announced on this page within 24 hours after closing.

Thank you, and good luck!

*NB, no information will be collected or shared from this contest, other than the winner's name, for announcement purposes.


  1. Hi Tim,
    I love your work. I think your earrings are beautiful. Have you ever considered combining a small piece of beach glass with the copper earrings? The beach glass you use are such wonderful tones, it would be great to be able to wear them around too. Not just your wonderful copper earrings.


  2. Tim---

    As always, I Love your stuff. It's a pleasure to walk outside and see all of the chimes hanging here. A question. Would you be interested in making something for my wedding?

    Send me a text or note when you have time and I can explain.


  3. Your work is beautiful. i would love to enter your giveaway. I also liked your Facebook fan page.

  4. Hi Tim well I would be happy with one pair of your gorgeous earrings and I missed the word Europe first time round. So looking foward to seeing the lucky winner. Off to join and tweet (not for an extra pair of course) great giveaway and good luck.

  5. These are great earrings - my best friend loves copper and I'd love to be able to present her with something so graciously handmade for her birthday :)

  6. Barbi B2:03 PM

    Greetings Tim!, All of your creations are stunning, I love to sit, watch & listen to my chimes... so pretty when the sun dances off of the colored glass... the earrings are very pretty~many thanks again :) from the North Coast of Beautiful BC..

  7. Wow, what super pretty earrings.


  8. jillbz7:40 AM

    Hi Tim,

    I hope that this is the right place to leave a message on your blog. I love your beautiful art work. You know that. I now have two pieces on my balcony and love to look at them and hear the soft chimes. You work is totally beautiful!


  9. Yes, it's the right place Jill (and others). You will all be entered for the draw next Monday. And so far, it looks like the odds will be great for you!

    Thank you all for entering the draw, and for you kind words and enthusiasm!

  10. HI Tim, beautiful artwork and copper is wonderful material, it reminds me those old jewelery style of Finland, which you can see by Kalevala koru too.....

  11. Tim,

    Your work is absolutely beautiful. I love your creativity.


  12. Stunning earrings Tim, I would love a chance to win a pair. I have clicked like to your page and will suggest your page to all my fans.


  13. Your work is beautiful and unique. By the way 6/21 is my birthday -- earrings would be a great bday present! I think this is the first giveaway that I have been moved to participate in.

  14. You make beauty more beautiful. By adding sound and capturing light you bring your art to life with Mother Earths breath. Your copper earings are a very nice giveaway.
    Sorry to hear about the poser!

  15. Beautiful! I have liked you on FB and tweeted your giveaway.

  16. Hi Tim
    I find all your work exquisite

  17. Hi Tim,
    Your work is beautiful!
    Next time I am visiting Frank and Suzy I will drop by.

  18. Hi Alegha, Absolutely. I just saw them on my favourite hiking trail. Thanks for the compliment.