Friday, February 12, 2010

Wind Chimes: New Look for 2010

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Beach Glass Inspired Kaleidoscope Wind Chime
Now with Antiqued Dark Chocolate Copper Chimes
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My chimes are always evolving and new designs are also always surfacing. For me, that is the difference between a craft and art.

Most recently, I decided to change my brushed and polished copper chimes for a hand rubbed antiqued finish. I love the look, and so for now I will be concentrating on this style. It's a warm, dark chocolate color that I find goes better with my glass.

Please visit my website to to see more examples, or my Etsy shop, where I have some great sale prices right now.


  1. Those are really nice.

    I love chimes. I currently have wooden (Bamboo) chimes from when I was in the Philippines, and some steel chimes, but I have near heard the sound of cooper chimes.


  2. Hi Claire,
    Thanks for your comment. Copper sounds great. It's a soft metal, so a bit more subtle than steel. The beach stone clappers I use though sharpen up the sound nicely. Cheers! Tim