Monday, July 28, 2008

Virtual Hike, Sunshine Coast British Columbia

Everyday I go on a walk in the woods, but maybe once a week I go for a 'real' hike. Yesterday, for example. I grabbed my pup and we went on one of my favorite trails.

It begins just a few minutes from my home, and goes up the mountain for about an hour.

Then the trail levels off and you get to meander in and out of the woods, through clear cuts, across streams. The clear cuts are so grown in that at times the trail is all but invisible.

Want to go on a hike? For once I took my camera, so here is a mini-virtual tour. Click on any of the pictures to see them larger.

mystery wild plantIf you don't look closely, you will miss some of the neatest things. A small, intricate dot of color almost lost amongst the huge trees.

colorful forest plantLook at this cool little plant, also almost invisible in the forest.

hiking trail, sunshine coastThe trail through the woods, green and cool

clearcut sunshine coastOut of the woods, into the clearcut, where plants grow at an amazing pace with the bright light.

golden retriever hikingYukon is actual useful for finding the trail in this overgrown jungle.

fireweed, sunshine coast bcAt this time of year, the fireweed is spectacular.

huckleberries, huckleberryNo need to take a snack along— there are berries everywhere, such as these huckleberries.

walks, sunshine coast, bcReentering the darker woods, looking back at the clearcut.

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