Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Iron Chimes, Wind Chimes

windchime, stone, beach stone, iron chimes, rustyPacific Natural Beach Stone
Smooth and Rounded
With Heavy Iron Chimes ~ Beach Stone Clapper
Details Here (my website)
(you may also click on the picture to see it larger)

The more I make, see, hear these large iron chimes, the more I like them. And I started out really liking them! They are heavy, solid, sound absolutely beautiful, and they look gorgeous. What more can I say?

Well, recently I started a Craigslist campaign. This has worked pretty well. I've had for the first time quite a few people coming to my home to see my work. I never advertised or pushed for local sales before, so this is a new experience. Everyone so far has really liked what they see and hear, and everyone has bought at least one work, and often several.

It's enjoyable meeting customers face to face. And interestingly enough, most often they choose the rusty iron chimes. Of course, copper is terrific— very beautiful. But there is something about the iron that is truly stunning. And they are so heavy, they have a nice, solid feel, too.


  1. It's been a long while since I commented, Tim...yet your work draws me in each time I visit. I have been busy moving across the province.

    Iron chimes would be perfect here in the Cariboo. I'm glad you're meeting your have an awesome gift and it must be great to share it with the owners of your creations.

  2. Hi Marion,
    Nice to hear from you~ it's been a while! Moving around, huh? That can be good, and/or good and tiring!

    Yes, the more I work with these iron chimes, the more I like them. Good for the Cariboo - good anywhere!

    Thanks for checking in. Tim