Saturday, December 16, 2006

An Inch Bigger Would Cost $300

Would you guess that an artist might be influenced by the post office? I can assure you, that is the case~ at least for me. Sometimes I do enjoy building big, but must always have a tape measure handy, and the table of maximum sizes for regular mail. This large freestanding driftwood wind chime is a case in point.

The driftwood section lifts right off the cedar plank. It had to be designed like that for ease of shipping. But the main thing is, one single inch longer and it would exceed the maximum for Expedited mail, and need to be ship Perolator; the postage jumps from $60 to $360. So when I get the urge to build big, I keep my tape measure handy.

I always feel great when something like this sells. And then I feel not so great, because I realize I need to pack it. A real challenge! It takes time, a lot of packing materials, and some skill and imagination. No, the jobs not done until it's on its way. Once it's shipped I feel great~ until I start to worry about all three packages arriving in good condition!

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